QITMEER - Qitmeer
What is Qitmeer?
Qitmeer is the next generation public chain based on BlockDAG which is dedicated to serving the ecosystem of Islamic Finance, ethical finance, and socially responsible investment, thereby enhancing financial inclusion and creating social impact.
In contrast to the competition model, BlockDAG’s collaboration model in the mining achieves a desirable balance of typical blockchain metrics among the security, openness, fairness and scalability.
Qitmeer adopts a classic POW consensus and UTXO data model and designs a unique asset issuing mechanism which requires the reserve of native currency, which is in line with core ethical financial values.
Qitmeer Technology Highlights
Fully decentralized and 50% fault-tolerance.
Fully exploit potential physical performance.
Adoption of a collaboration model,
reducing the risk of mining
competition significantly.
Multiple cross-chain protocols to
integrate various use cases.
Intrisic Value Guarantee
Tokens are converted from the same
quantity of native currency,which
is mined by Proof-of-work.
Regulation friendly
Authentication on assets issuance
while keeping decentralization
on infrastructure.
Achieving a reasonable balance of security, openness, fairness, and scalability. Qitmeer uses the classic POW consensus and UTXO data model to create a pass-through issuing mechanism based on the underlying currency and subject to review, which fits the philosophy of equal finance.
Dec 2017 Dec
Medina Network has been launched
Mar 2018
Started the development of the Medina Network
Jun 2019
Qitmeer source code was available on Github
Oct 2019
Published Medina Network economy model
Dec 2019
Medina Network was officially launched
May 2020
Implementing Medina network hard fork
Oct 2020
Launching Umayyad network economic model
Dec 2020
Launching Umayyad Network internal test network
Jun 2021
Officially launching Umayyad Network
To be continued..
Kahf Wallet
The wallet is developed by the Qitmeer team, which is supported by IOS, Android.Click the link below to download.
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